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A Pandemic World: Why the world needs successful writers more than ever...

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

What the world needs now is words, sweet words.

The world needs more power-filled words than ever in history.

On Facebook last week, I flipped my retired teacher sign to "Open for Business" and over 100 people noticed. I have five on-line students now. And then I individually messaged those 100 people who responded. In just 24 hours, here's a sampling of what I received:

Former students were trapped in Spain and Ghana. Beautiful brides-to-be tucked away their awaiting veils --but not before sending images of their proposed dreams. One student's aunt passed away the day before with no hope for a funeral. Six students lost their job, then worried about passing the virus to their parents. Parents of former students feared for their children: an RN in a Los Angeles hospital. Their newly-wedded daughter living in a condo in downtown Chicago. A military son expecting a baby in Germany this spring. And I am one dot of a person's experience in only 24 hours.

Needs and more needs: the perfect piece of paper for writers, the matchless platform for writers everywhere. Writing doesn't require polish. Intention and follow-through, yes. Fancy books have designer clothing known as hardback covers. Jewels of illustration adorn other books. But, when we get down to it, words are just like us. They are most powerful when they are stripped down to their naked power and sent into the world in unclothed scribbles of humanity: "How can I help?" and "You are not alone."

Every person with a pen or internet access can hijack the high tech world of word delivery. Many of you are already doing this. Heed the nudge with old-fashioned caring -- that signature call to arms for writers for thousands of years.

How quickly does a single thought of another pop into your head? How many seconds does it take to capture that simple thought and text it? I tried it. Less than 20 seconds. Here are some other ways you can write and make an impact as profoundly as a best-selling author:

1. Write a love letter to your child tonight. Instead of a book cover, decorate a box to hold more letters you write in the future. Ask relatives to write some, too. Create a tradition.

2. Create a legacy journal for your family about how you survived this pandemic. Include their names and stories in it.

3. Keep a gratitude journal (THEY WORK) for a week. Make a copy and send it to your mom. Moms like that.

4. Have fun teaching yourself how to write. Do a Google Search on 50 funny English words or The most beautiful sentences in the world or How to write so people will laugh and cry.

5. Recall a funny memory with a childhood friend. Write it down and send it to that friend's child, unannounced.

6. Write a thank-you note to the postal carrier ( a hero!) who's wiling to pick up your mail at your doorstep, free of charge.

What makes a successful writer? The one who recognizes and shares its noblest gift: handmade encouragement for the world, preciously wrapped up in letters and spaces.

In these upcoming months, as you click a keyboard or grab a pen, stop and recognize its potency to heal our world. Unlike us now, words are free to roam. Like us, they were born to be free.

Release yourself with them.

Barbara Lynn-Vannoy is the author of The 10 Greatest Gifts We Give Each Other: A Memoir on the Magic of Marriage Vows and upcoming book, Read Me To Sleep Tonight.

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