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Current Projects

Read Me to Sleep Tonight: Children's Poetry to Celebrate the Day

An illustrated, hardback collection of a child’s wonder, delight and reflections.

The perfect choice to lull little ones to sleep.

Coming Fall, 2020, through Admont Press (Available in hardback format)

The Sweetest Sound The Night Can Bring

On a Midwest evening, a young girl attunes to nightsong sounds, anticipating the sweetest sound of her life (Picture book and e-book formats).

Finding Hope (picture book and e-book)

With the help of a loving adult, a discouraged child discovers

examples of hope worldwide, with the greatest reflection

revealed in the most unexpected of places. Suitable for

chronically ill children (Picture book and e-book formats).

Under Wraps! A trilogy for early middle-grade readers ages 8 and up!

Where do you go when you don’t belong? Answer: To a place that everyone else who doesn’t belong goes, too. Now what happens?

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