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Barbara Lynn-


BARBARA LYNN-VANNOY began as a freelance greeting card writer for Blue Mountain Arts when she was eighteen years old and continued writing inspirational, free verse poetry for the publisher for twelve more years. Her first poetry byline appeared above Einstein’s in an anthology; no one could explain this phenomenon, especially Einstein. Barb’s work has also appeared in Hopscotch for Girls (children’s poetry) and The Quiet Hour (Christian devotional series).  She is an award-winning educator of twenty-three years, nominated for the Disney American Teacher Award, Colorado Teacher Award, and the recipient of “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” and Colorado KCNC “Teacher Who Makes a Difference.” Barb was the editor-in-chief for her 600 elementary students – hundreds of which published their work. She holds three degrees, two teaching degrees from the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State College, and a business degree from the University of Denver. Barb earned her way through college by writing and performing in a band and summer stock theater. She was a worship leader and longtime single parent to Katie before meeting her two bonus daughters, Emmy and Ali, and her husband, Steve, New York Times best-selling author of the parenting book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children. Together they  support his non-profit, The 10 Greatest Gifts Project.ORG, whose mission is building healthy, vibrant families.  Barb and Steve perform on cruise ships with their band, Postcard Note. Their music video, “Three Hearts Dancing,” is available on YouTube. Barb’s passions include European travel, dog rescue, avoiding library fines, and piling books on her nightstand. She lives in Morrison, Colorado with Steve, their Yorkie named Button, and 842 Barbie dolls.

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